From Photo to Art by Allie Serrano

I am an artist, not just a photographer. I capture you in the best light giving you an amazing experience and I sell you a beautiful art that you will proudly display above your fireplace.

ORIGINAL WALL PORTRAITgila-painting-frame

I create wall portraits. I create art. That’s the reason why I love what I do. What’s more, I create art especially for you. Once commissioned by you, we guaranteed the art work’s originality. Each piece is unique and no one will ever own another one exactly like yours.

Allie Serrano art has specialized retouching. It is not just an enlarged photo. It is an art in its own form, digitally painted, printed on a canvas, and then another coat of paint is added-on for final finishing and longevity. The Original Wall Portrait is also the only product that has our special retouching.

Once finished, the portrait is framed with one of the 5 luxury Renaissance-like frames you choose during your viewing. The frames are custom made, handcrafted down to a slight detail, and set to frame the art after the paint is finished. In its final form the art is designed to last you a lifetime and so its quality is of the utmost importance.

The art is then delivered to you and placed on your wall by our assistants. Allie Serrano art is original, unique in its form, and it will showcase you and your family for many years to come.


portfolio-boxIn addition to your very own original art created by me, you can also purchase a folio of your images. Your favorite portraits printed in 7×10 size and matted to 11×14 black mat, all packaged in a luxurious handmade folio box. You have already commissioned us for a life-sized wall portrait of you. I offer the folio box in addition to the art, so that you can have something to show your family and friends, away from home. The images inside the folio box have slightly simpler retouching, not as specialized as the large wall art, but it still highlights and showcases your beauty.



I also have fine creative art available for purchase in my store. If you just want a nice wall portrait created by me and you don’t need to be featured in it, then this may be also an option for you in addition to your wall portrait. These pieces are not original, they are mass produced, and they include the same retouching as the images in your folio box.


When you reach out to me asking for a wall portrait of you or your loved ones, first we will schedule a consultation either in person or by phone. There we will determine what kind of art you are looking for and we will schedule your photo session. There is a minimal charge for the session of $99.  It includes a phone consultation, a complimentary at home wardrobe consultation, a professional hair and makeup, the photo session, and the viewing reveal session.


We will ask for your credit card to hold your session and to cover the $99 when booking. There is no charge to reschedule but with less than one week’s notice of no attendance the $99 charge will not be refunded.

Your photo shoot will be done in the comfort of our studio at the time of your choosing. Allie will be your personal photographer guiding you through-out the entire process. You don’t need to have any experience in front of the camera. That’s the photographer’s job and she will make sure that you are comfortable during the shoot, looking fabulous, and happy with the results.

After the images are captured, we will schedule the reveal session for about two weeks later. At this time your images are retouched with the basic retouching and ready for you to select your one image that will then be commissioned into the original art piece. You will also make a choice to either pay all at once at the viewing or you can pay half the amount then and the pay the other half when you receive your art.

In addition to the original art, you can also purchase the folio box to showcase the rest of your images. These are perfect to give to your friends and family as a gift. When you leave the viewing, you will be able to take the folio box with you.  The final art will be finished about a month later. We will arrange for a pick-up or delivery to your home.

We hope that you enjoy your art for as long as you live. It is a unique art piece that you cannot get anywhere else in the world and it is worth every penny. We hope that you will proudly display it at your home and Allie Serrano Photography will be happy to be there with you every the step of the way.